easybaan® full migration

The Fastest, Most Efficient Way to Upgrade Your ERP System – The easybaan® full migration is a flexible migration method, applicable to migrate from TRITON3.x, BaanIVb, BaanIVc, BaanERP 50b, BaanERP 50c or any service pack to Infor 10 ERP Enterprise, and any feature pack. While the easybaan ® workshop migration is a more or less packaged product, a full migration…

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Product easybaan®

easybaan® – A Comprehensive Implementation Solution . The easybaan® Migration Toolkit from Migration Labs is a bundled solution that contains a pre-configured Infor 10 ERP Enterprise environment, data exchange modules for TRITON, BaanIV and Baan ERP, a proven standardized migration methodology, data templates and business logic and training and support. Easybaan® is more than a product, it is a business modell….

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easybaan® workshops

See your data in Infor ERP LN in as little as 5 days! Many Users of TRITON and BaanERP Systems are confronted with the question, whether to switch to Infor 10 ERP Enterprise or change completely to a third party product. The easybaan workshop migration is a tool to evaluate within a reasonable time and budget what Infor 10 ERP Enterprise has…

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Nesma and Partner Contracting Ltd.
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