Migration Labs is the industry leader for data migration, reporting tools, implementation services, and consulting for organizations upgrading their Baan ERP systems.

We specialize in developing software tools, methodologies, and best practices that help reduce the costs and complexities for organizations switching from Baan to a new ERP system such as Infor 10 ERP Enterprise. The Migration Labs easybaan® Data Migration Toolkit for Infor 10 ERP Enterprise is our flagship solution for clients moving to Infor’s latest evolution of the Baan platform.

easybaan®, from Migration Labs LLC, is a bundled solution that contains a pre-configured Infor 10 ERP Enterprise® environment to reflect your business processes and flows. A proven standardized migration methodology customized to each unique client is used to ensure what you value in BaanIV-V® is preserved and enhanced in your new Infor 10 ERP Enterprise system. Baan and Infor customers worldwide have experienced a savings of 50% and more on data migration and implementation projects using the
Migration Labs easybaan® Data Migration Toolkit.

Our Story

The management and consulting team at Migration Labs has been implementing Baan ERP software since 1992.

Migration Labs consultants have led dozens of successful Baan ERP implementations for companies ranging from small manufacturers to global, multi-site logistics operations. In those 18 years, we’ve realized that almost every  manufacturing company deals with the same challenges and issues; data structures are of the same pattern but one will never find the same coding twice.

We also realized that for companies making the decision to upgrade their Baan ERP systems, data migration was often the most critical, complex, and time consuming process involved in the entire project. On our end, we experienced that the data migration tools currently available,  such as the Baan exchange module and Infor’s Migration Studio, did little to provide for all of the complexities, business processes, and customizations  typically part of a legacy Baan migration.

So in 1996 a team of senior Baan consultants and database analysts, led by Lutz Koehsel, President of Migration Labs, developed a set of templates, processes, software tools, best practices, and methods designed specifically to accommodate the mapping and transformation of Baan data to other systems. This tool set was updated in 2007 to accommodate the data architecture and business functionality found in Infor 10 ERP Enterprise.

The result is the easybaan Data Migration Toolkit for Infor 10 ERP Enterprise, the most efficient and effective tool available today for Baan data migration projects.