Hifn Inc.

easybaan®: Implementation and Migration Methodology

Customer: Hifn Inc.

Location: Los Gatos (Silicon Valley), California, USA

Previous Infor ERP version:
Baan ERP 50_bSP8

Activities Performed: Implementation and Data Migration of Infor 10 ERP Enterprise

ERP LN Modules implemented: Order Management, Warehousing, Central Invoicing Manufacturing and Finance

Number of Users: 15

Completed: March/April 2008




Implementation & Data Migration at Hifn Inc.

Hifn, an experienced Baan user, decided to implement Baan ERP 50_b  in 1999 in order to meet their high tech company requirements.

9 years later, Hifn decided to implement ERP LN, and the final Go Live date was set for April 2008. Upgrading an ERP system is not only very costly but also labor-intensive; when Hifn decided to upgrade their aging ERP system, finding an automated and yet cost-effective method was key.

In the ERP world, this might seem an impossible task, but Hifn found their answer in Migration Labs’ easybaan® migration solution.

The data migration project included several challenges relating to Hifn’s use of Baan ERP 50_b with SP 8, an older and short-lived version with several technical issues, and the migration of TARD specific data. Hifn, like most other high tech companies, required easy access to all historical data to ensure compliance with both business and government-imposed needs; this resulted in the migration of most historical, financial, and logistical data to ERP LN. This task was made easier by using the flexible easybaan® migration solution. This “exotic” Baan ERP version, together with its customized tables, was successfully migrated to ERP LN in a very short period of time.

The data migration transformed the database of an international operating company. All data was migrated into a multi-site data structure supporting 8 locations in the US, UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and the People’s Republic of China.

Most data from the legacy Baan systems was transferred to ERP LN. A complete financial migration, with the exception of central invoicing, was performed, including all historical data since the company implemented Baan 50_b in 1999.




About Hifn Inc.

Hifn Inc. (Nasdaq: HIFN) was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, USA (Silicon Valley).

Hifn produces security acceleration and compression boards, silicon security solutions, and software for manufacturers of networking, storage, and security products.  HIFN is devoted to developing and building solutions that minimize security vulnerabilities without causing performance degradation. It is through some of Hifn’s pioneering efforts that secure deployment of technologies such as VoIP and enhanced application security with flow classification and search technologies can take place.  Hifn holds a number of patents as well as patent pending technology.

Hifn Inc. is powering the development of a new generation of secure storage and intelligent networking solutions that enable customers to meet and exceed the demands of the 21st century data center. Innovation-driven customers range from the world’s leading networking and storage OEMs, to business-critical managed services providers, to mid-tier enterprises.


Hifn’s family of products spans the full spectrum of must-have capability in the age of always-on networks and always-available storage. Hifn’s breakthrough Applied Services Processors (ASPs) and hardware-advantaged compression are critical ingredients driving the evolution of true self-protecting and self-optimizing data infrastructure.

Hifn Express family of cards enables storage and security manufacturers to capture competitive advantage through both rapid time-to-market and product differentiation. And Hifn’s secure, full-featured storage, and tape appliances make data protection easily accessible to organizations and businesses of all sizes.

With development centers in Carlsbad (California), Framingham (Massachusetts), Morrisville (North Carolina) and Hangzhou (People’s Republic of China), Hifn commands the team, the experience, and the global reach to power network and information security.