easybaan® workshops

See your data in Infor ERP LN in as little as 5 days!

Many Users of TRITON and BaanERP Systems are confronted with the question, whether to switch to Infor 10 ERP Enterprise or change completely to a third party product. The easybaan workshop migration is a tool to evaluate within a reasonable time and budget what Infor 10 ERP Enterprise has to offer.

Infor 10 ERP Enterprise In the history of Baan – ERP Software development, developing Infor 10 ERP Enterprise was the biggest leap and also the biggest challenge for Data Migration, since the database structure completely changed.

Why sign up for the easybaan® workshop migration ?  The decision to change to the latest platform of Baan ERP software is determined by the company’s development and IT Budget for the 5 to 10 years. A decision with long-term influence such as this must be well thought-out, as this decision has enormous impact on future business development.

Deliverables easybaan® Workshop Migration -From the existing legacy system, a subset of data is taken by special export programs. Usually this will be business partners (customers, suppliers, addresses) and Product-related data like (items, texts, bill of materials, routings) and all tables from the mcs- modules. It is the customer’s choice to load directly into the ERP LN or to load the data into a spreadsheet and work on the data before importing it into ERP LN. After importing, a couple of post migration jobs must be started like calculating the cost prices or rebuilding the planned inventory transactions. Usually some customer-related data issues must be dealt with, but within a matter of hours or few days, the efforts result in a workable ERP LN environment with error free business processes.