easybaan® Data Migration Export

The concept of data migration exporting is fairly straight forward.

Everyone familiar with data migration is aware that data transferred from one ERP system to the other must receive a lot of intensive treatment. So every developer must ask him or herself, at what point during the migration process will this manipulation take place? It can be performed while exporting the data, in between export or import, or while importing the data to Infor 10 ERP Enterprise. We decided to concentrate data manipulations on data import. So data is exported 1:1 as it appears in the legacy system, usually in BaanIV, since the easybaan® data migration should work as a universal solution. Because all intelligence is performed during data import, the solution can easily be transported to become a BPCS, SAP, JD Edwards, or Oracle Data migration Tool.

There are only a few exceptions:

If needed, the data can be loaded into spreadsheets and manipulated there before reloading to Infor 10 ERP Enterprise.  Another exception is the export of transaction data. Since open sales orders, purchase orders, and more must be separated from historical data, the export is performed by 4GL scripts.



The easybaan® data migration export kit for BaanIV.

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