easybaan® Controlling

The easybaan® Controlling package gives you a high-level overview of the company’s situation by about 70 ratios from different areas of the company.


As a rule, a decision maker has little time to thoroughly study figures on the company’s current status. That is why MIS systems need to present a lot of information that can be absorbed in the shortest amount of time. This is accomplished through the use of graphics. However, it is not sufficient to just present the results, and that is why easyMIS also displays the formulas used to calculate the results. Figures and denominators are represented in the form of matrices, and the derivation of the information is reproducible. Definitions and explanations make it easier for the user to make the best of the program. easyMIS is the analysis tool for the stakeholder.


Benefits of easyMIS

EasyMIS offers management reports within minutes. Comparisons to previous timeframes highlight deviations from corporate results and expectations or predictions. While Migration Labs easyEDS, easyPMC and easyCUBE are control tools for day-to-day business operations, easyMIS only deals with the results of corporate trading. Predictions regardingreturns on investment, financing and figures as regards the international capital framework, staff productivity and motivation are statements that offer owners, shareholders and banks another point of view to those offered by management tools. Figures relating to risk, liquidity and profits give a bird’s eye view of the company.


Migration Labs Service

Migration Labs identifies the user’s needs, installs easyMIS, and trains users how to work with it. Joining forces with partners, shareholders or creditors, Migration Labs determines the demand for information that goes beyond the usual and formulates it as a new parameter. New parameters can be effortlessly integrated into easyMIS.

The integration of easyMIS is a part of the services offered, as is the development of measured quantities derived from the qualitative aims of the management. Migration Labs determines the sources from which one can acquire information and draws up guidelines for ERP service providers. If any adjustments to the assessment tools become necessary, Migration Labs  will carry them out for you. MIGRATION LABS analyzes and integrates your existing reporting structures into easyMIS.


Structure of easyMIS

EasyMIS offers business assessments in the fields of expenditure, revenue, liquidity, equity-to-fixed-assets ratio – a management overview. In addition, easyMIS reads data from the balance sheets, P&L, assets analyzes, financial accounting, payroll and cost accounting.

The data is presented graphically, especially so one is able to visualise the trend over the last five years.

Key figures are, as a rule, calculated using formulas. The components are presented in matrix form so one can understand how they are derived. The selection is done via programmed operator guidance. There are fields for all key data which characterize them as very good to risky.

The menu bar has a warning function before every entry is made. When making comparisons to previous years,  any deviations in company results and assets are immediately highlighted. All key figures can be furnished with comments explaining the current value of the key data. There is a management reporting function that summarizes the graphics, comments and figures in a handy synopsis and sums up individual, critical, good or all key figures in a Word® document.

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