easybaan® Business Intelligence

The business intelligence requirements from customers can be covered by this tool. It provides the ability to build Pivot tables and cubes from the Infor 10 ERP Enterprise database

Unlimited access to up-to-date information is crucial for business strategies and their implementation at all corporate levels.

Companies that want to continue being market leaders in a competitive business world have to rely on an effective business intelligence solution. In order to gain an understanding of the factors that play a role in a company, employees have to sift through a huge amount of corporate data and understand the hidden relationships between these data.

This systematic assessment of large quantities of data has created many new terms: data warehousing, data mining, business intelligence, and more. The main focus, however, has always been on the assessment of large stocks of data from different sources. easyCUBE is a universal analysis tool for all business relations.

The benefits of easyCUBE are unlimited and depend on the imagination and inventiveness of the user. All data material can be appraised. From standard queries such as analyses to getting an offer, inventory of offers, incoming orders, inventory of incoming orders, and turnover of leads or prospects, many applications may be created. Balance sheet and P&L items can be scrutinized in a summarized or customized, detailed form. Absences per employee and cost center can quickly highlight a poor working atmosphere and indicate more deep-set problems. Many signs can be spotted before they begin to escalate. Being able to react promptly to impending shifts in demand allows the entrepreneur to quickly take action. If staff cuts are the only available option for reacting at short notice, in a larger period of notice, capacity can be reduced, wage labor acquired or the product range expanded, and the assessment of the sales channels are changed. Drops in leads, home page hits, trade fair contacts, and enquiries are all early indicators and allow one to anticipate any rise or fall in demand.

easyCUBE is a proprietary development based on the OLAP technology of the MS-SQL server. Everyone knows the multi-dimensional assessments of sales statistics, for example: turnover, discounts, and margins are displayed according to total, group of sales staff, sales staff, all products, product groups, product, federal state, region, and city. The assessments from total to city are the dimensions, the angle from which one looks at the values; turnover, discounts or margins are values that have to be analyzed. The summarization levels of total, group of representatives or total, federal state, region, city are referred to as hierarchy.

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