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Design & Management

Of course you will want to print documents from Baan IV, Baan ERP, and Infor 10 ERP Enterprise with your company’s design. Sending reports directly from the ERP software by E-Mail or fax is also ideal. The solution for this is Report Tuner©.


Integrated solution

Each document is produced as a .pdf document before printing or sending. This makes it very easy to simultaneously set up a link to an archiving system or a Document Management System.

When a report is “printed,“ it is formatted and sent by Report Tuner©  to the desired device. The functions run as a service in the background and the PC remains as a fully functionally workstation.

You do not need any additional licenses for ERP standard software. The master data for each user (user in the system) is defined via the user interface of Report Tuner©. For example:

–       Printer to be selected

–       Print quality

–       Paper tray, etc.


1)    BaanIV, Infor ERP, Infor 10 ERP Enterprise are brands or registered brands of the relevant brand owners.

2)   .pdf stands for Portable Document Format, and is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated / USA



Technical Requirements

Preparation and sending can be done without using any Windows Office ™ components. Simply a Windows-based workstation computer, XP Professional or a Server running Windows 2003 or later, is required.

The exchange of data with the ERP software is done via a common storage location (under UNIX, for example, via SAMBA). Installation of the Report Tuner© on a SQL-Server is recommended if you print more than 100 documents a day.

You require a Windows-based workstation computer.

It requires a Windows or Linux based workstation.  If a Windows based solution is required, midsize companies might use an Windows XP or Windows 7 workstation.  Bigger companies with more than 100 documents per day might choose a Windows  Server based platform. Linux based solutions are generally not as demanding for performance as Linux systems. ( ~ Factor 3) . Benchmarks are available with up to 8000 documents per day.

Sending an E-Mail requires internet access (and the e-mail program of your choice). A modem connection is required to send faxes. This can be done, for example, via the Fax Server of MS Windows and an analog line.




Many years of experience

The combination of 15 years of Baan experience, including report design consulting, and the development of corresponding software products have brought Migration Labs to a unique position in the market.

In the third generation of report design, the idea of giving reports generated from the ERP software a “crisp, professional look“ has now been automated down to the smallest details.

Provide your staff with new design options and flexibility in the reports. Make a convincing impression on your customers and suppliers through documents from your ERP software that not only look visually appealing but can also reach the intended recipients quickly. Send your documents directly from ERP by e-mail or fax.

Compare it with other products and see for yourself all the details that make Report Tuner unique.
Benefit from our comprehensive experience in all versions of Baan, starting with Triton, and BaanIV & V, right up to Infor 10 ERP Enterprise.




FAQ´s on the use of Report Tuners:


Can existing Baan reports be printed out as well by using ReportTuner©?

Yes. These are prepared in an automated fashion for printing.


Do all the Clients have access to ReportTuner©?

Yes. The precondition for this is ERP support in the network.


Is it necessary to make changes in the ERP report or via ReportTuner©?

Visual changes can be handled through ReportTuner©, such as decimal places or totals.


Can I use ReportTuner© for other documents as well?

Yes. All the fields from the ERP software can be printed out with ReportTuner©.


Can drawings that are not in the ERP software be incorporated?

Yes. The origin must be stored within ReportTuner©,  and then you can insert any file.

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